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AI + Knowledge Management

If simple subjects are automated by a chatbot and the most complex ones by a human agent, what can change on your team daily basis?

Knowledge Management, combined with the power of Artificial Intelligence, can lead to surprising results to your collaborators.

Trivial contacts retention on the first customer service contact level is raising the TMA operations.

Structured content organized in a digital platform that provides all the necessary information to the customer service professionals’/ agents’ routine having a direct influence on the time reduction of each interaction.


Manage the knowledge of your business!

You can go beyond your customer service area, providing knowledge management to other areas of the business.


XGEN Knowledge Management Platform can be used in other areas of a business solving problems related to Compliance, ISO Certification, Governance, and procedures standards.

Powerful resources to training, collaboration, and team communication.

Requests for modifications or new documents integrated with your business environment and security policies
Evaluation of customer service professionals’ / agents’ knowledge
Documents adherence reading control by users and with an SLA parameterization.
Comments, suggestions, and content qualification by users
Scheduled content posting
Polls, forms, blogs, wikis, forum, publishing workflow, and automatic versioning

Team engagement and learning curve acceleration!

Take care of your team training in a smart way.

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